Managing Private Capital

Managing Private Capital

Leveraging our collective investment experience.
Optimising capital management.
Acting with integrity.

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At Tantallon Capital, we harness our collective experience to invest and manage our assets and wealth successfully through market cycles in order to achieve long term financial goals.  In our rapidly evolving and increasingly complex world, we believe that our collective experience and "time in the markets" is a valuable and differentiating resource.  Our goal to be good stewards and guides for our clients - individual and institutional investors, multigenerational family offices and high net worth individuals, is an absolute priority. 

We work together with trusted domain experts and investors in managing assets that will enable them to thrive - this generation and beyond. We are committed to acting with integrity, treating our clients as we would want to be treated ourselves. We seek value but will not compromise on quality in meeting our shared investment objectives.

Who We Are

Founded in 2003 by Nicholas Harbinson and Alexander Hill, Tantallon Capital Advisors has successfully prevailed through multiple market cycles, embracing a collaborative approach to investing and asset management for the long term.

Our principals have deep sector and market experience combining fundamental analysis with unique insights. We believe that sustainable investing over generations balances risks and rewards over a longer horizon. We believe that investing with due consideration of the impact we make to environment, social and governance (ESG) principles, integrating the awareness of these issues with traditional analytics underpins responsible stewardship of wealth and assets for generations.

Our agency services undertake the critical role of ensuring operational systems work seamlessly and smoothly. We are uncompromising in our drive to deliver value and reliability.
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Tantallon ('tan-TAL-en’) is the name of a large 14th century castle on the coast of East Lothian that was proverbial for its massive impregnability, and lies close to where Nick Harbinson’s family lived. As described by the Dictionary of the Scots Language, to "ding doun Tantallon” is to perform the impossible, to go beyond all bounds in feats or conduct.

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Why Consider Us

From our genesis, Tantallon Capital Advisors has brought our investment expertise to our clients in a mutually supportive, collaborative spirit. Our clients are sophisticated, accredited investors and our goal is to support them in their decision making process. We strive to assemble integrity, experience, insight and skill in the managing of private capital, working with domain experts we respect and trust while always prioritising our client interests.

Our fund platform focuses on and supports proprietary capital management. Our funds which are open to external investors are run by managers with proprietary capital invested within, yet managed with institutional discipline and regulatory scrutiny. If your investment interests are aligned with those of our investment managers, you can be assured that we would invest your capital as we would our own. We are however, not asset gatherers and never actively cross-sell. 

We believe in preserving the independence of our investment decisions at all times. Our principals place delivering results and value at the forefront. We seek to support by identifying optimal solutions to the complexities of managing wealth for the longer term.

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Tantallon Funds

Our funds are anchored with proprietary capital but open to external investors. We are not asset gatherers. We believe in bringing together investors with alignment in their investment goals. We believe active management with institutional discipline and regulatory oversight are positive influences in managing proprietary capital, while clients who share the investment objectives of our fund managers can tap a collaborative community of experienced engaged investors. We invest client capital as we do our own.

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Tantallon Private Office

Our private office advisors support our high net worth clients and accredited investors in their decision making. We believe that bringing together appropriate experts can help ensure that wealth fulfills its purpose in setting our HNW clients and family on a path towards leading the life they each desire. For example, by aligning asset allocation decisions with clearly established objectives that take into account all key stakeholders, the potential that wealth fulfils its purpose can be enhanced. 

No matter how savvy our clients are in their own areas of expertise, we have found that there is value in providing a sounding board at critical junctures - where domain expertise is harnessed with perspective and experience. In building a team of unparalleled knowledge and experience, our clients can tap appropriate industry experts only as and when their support is required; we thus enhance our clients' decision making infrastructure in a cost effective structure.  Providing value is a yardstick we hold ourselves to.  We charge according to the professional services we provide, not according to the assets under management.

Join the Tantallon family

Are you looking for support in investing your private capital responsibly for the long term? Have a chat with us and see how we can support you.

What's on your mind?

How can we help?
We pledge to be open and transparent.
We will not cut corners or be expedient in our advice.
We charge based upon our work, not the size of your assets.  

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We would like reliable administrative support in meeting reporting obligations.

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How can we develop and learn to manage assets responsibly and with purpose?

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We would like to pay according to the support received, not the size of our assets.

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How do we ensure our assets are optimally structured for cost and administrative efficiency?

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We would like to establish a fund to manage our capital which may include external investors.

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We will enjoy collaborating with respected domain experts to share insights and lessons.

Tantallon Capital Advisors

Together, Tantallon Capital Advisors and our partners collaborate to enhance investment capabilities and navigate the complexities of managing private capital.

Reach out and join our family.

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